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Your sister in shopping


They are like so updated! And like with so many colours! *giggles*

SPOTTED: Piece de’ Mode

More of Little Miss tees!! *giggles* Woot! Now we got Little Miss Scatterbrain too! Looks like we can never get enough of Little Miss tees *giggles* I’ve got two myself already! And Oo.. Little Miss Greedy and Little Miss Splendid too?? Spoilt for choice!

And lookie here. A cropped hoodie! It’s so mini you’ll have absolutely no problem finding space for it in your bag. Perfect to bring out with you wherever you go to keep those chills away! And is that a little heart on the zipper?? FAB!! Add on the puffy sleeves and you would smack yourself for losing out on such a deal!

They definitely brought in tons of colours this round alright! Go check it out. I bet ‘cha there is something you would need. This round is all about the basics!

And… More updates! Woot!

SPOTTED: Bummerbeebuzz

Oh my.. that is such a gorgeous shade of purple! Satin and dual tone, ruched at the bust for a baydoll look so equals YUMMYLICIOUS! Got ’em ribbon tied round the back of the waist too! Purr-fecto!


Your sister in shopping

Have a handbag but it seems like it’s missing out on something? Why not try on a handbag charm?

Too costly you say? (I do agree, they can cost up to as much as a handbag itself!)

Fret not, now you can have ’em at an affordable price! Or even custom make your own! Woot!

SPOTTED: Charming pieces Victorian Garden

See how a simple charm can dazzle up a handbag, carry your personality and change the whole look altogether? *giggles* I know! FAB! *giggles* This pretty piece has little butterflies and tons of Swarovski bicones in shades of purple. This is definitely the piece for you butterfly lovers out there. And if you happen to like purple too, this is like so screaming out your name!!!!

Now if our handbags are going in for a yummy look, we should too, no?

SPOTTED: Dainty DreamsOur promise

Aww.. would you take a look at that? Pretty swallows carrying a teardrop gem!! Ever so sweet the colour. Definitely brings the attention from others to these babies when they’re hanging on our earlobes, no? *giggles* Mm.. it would definitely catch my attention alright. Looks like Dainty Dreams has uploaded a whole new collection of items on their webbie! Go check ’em out now! All items are in one piece only! You better not miss out on any!


Your sister in shopping

I like just came back from 1u and I saw so many goodies that I want! I tried on shoes! Peep toes and such and oh.. how I wish I could buy ’em! Anyways, seems like there are sales everywhere? Women’s Secret was like having massive sale and Roots has 50%-70% discount! *gasp*

Anyhow.. that ain’t the focus. There are more goodies available!!

SPOTTED: Behind the Seam

Like we so cannot get enough of the mod dresses that are making a comeback! And the best part is, it’s all in the fantabulous shade of electric blue! With ’em cute little buttons at the hem and a complimentary waist cincher (STEAL!!!) this piece so deserves a place in your closet! Pair it up with any of the shades of the opaque tights (which I’m sure by now every shopaholic, I mean like EVERY one of you has a pair if not more already)! What a gorgeous look, no? *giggles* Definitely fab!

And guess what? I found a two tone dress!!!!

SPOTTED: Bummerbeebuzz

Like OMG! OMG! I’ve been looking everywhere for something like this! *squeals!* You know how everyone has been asking about a two tone dress, no?? Now we have it!! A two tone puff sleeve mini dress! Perfect combo in every way possible already! Woot! *giggles* Oh, while stocks last of course. Definitely a hot piece with ’em leggings! I want one too!!!

Ok, ok let’s not forget about the other stuff. Looks like someone has been pretty hardworking and uploading ever so often with more yummy goodies!

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo

Your very own La Senza tank top! Woot! and it comes on this gorgeous shade of baby blue too! *giggles* So adorable! It’s like one of my most fav colours too! 100% Authentic and with tags as well. Wouldn’t you wanna own one? Where else would you get such a fab bargain for such goodies? *giggles*

Plus she has got some smokin’ hot La Senza lingerie sets available too! *giggles* Go check them out!

Woot! Yummy-licious updates is what I love! Don’t you agree? *winks*


Your sister in shopping

SPOTTED: Psychedelicato

Now every girl ought to own a pair of shorts, no? Well, a pair is like such an understatement. Come on, we wear ’em to uni, we wear ’em to pasar malam, we wear ’em at home, we wear ’em to sleep, we just wear ’em like everywhere we go! And these out!

They’ve got awesome looking buttons at the side, at the front and even at the pockets! Woot! Perfectly trendy for a casual day out! Shorts are so like, taking on a whole new level of design!

And if you didn’t already know, there is like a massive clearance sale going on!

SPOTTED: Sugadollies

This top over here? Is just yours for the price of RM 23.00! Woot! I mean like, where do you get such yummy-licious tops for such a fab price? That’s like massive price reduction! Everything’s going cheap and fast! Better get your hands on these great savings! They don’t come round as often as you wish too!

On the note of sales, there is more!

SPOTTED: Funtogs

Buy 2 items and above and you’re totally entitles to a 20% discount! Woot! Now, if you really really can’t afford two items, share it with your friend! And you’ll both save up on moolah! Fab!! And that’s on top of how fatabulously great the prices are. You see this mini dress here with ’em front pockets? (Superbly adorable!) is only going for RM 25.00! STEAL! Like we so can’t get enough of mini dresses with ’em cute front pockets already!

Plus if you missed out on the whole BF shirt craze, here’s one for you too!


I wonder who’s the genius behind this creation? Like our BF’s shirt is so in trend! *giggles* Wonder what our boys think about it? Sexy? I’ve heard that before, that they find us sexy in their clothes *giggles* This one has got ’em pockets too! Makes it more stylish, no? *winks*

And.. wait check out what I found!


This juicy looking wristlet over here is by Dooney and Burke. What if I told you that these aren’t available in the country yet? *giggles* That’s right! This fab item along with many others featured at shopREINA‘s are flown in from over the seas! Including items from Forever21 and even Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku goodies too! Like, you so don’t have to take a trip all the way to the States to get ’em anymore! All you need to do is just hop on over to shopREINA’s!


Your sister in shopping

Remember the cute necklace from A smack of jellyfish? What if I told you there are more?

SPOTTED: take.me

That’s like one very unique baby there! Handmade with love in polymer. Now that is something we don’t see everyday, no? *giggles* FAB! And.. And.. you have gotta see summore!

They’ve got felt goodies too! *squeals* And I personally, like seriously, *heart* this piece with the heart! Like so cute can? I can so imagine wearing it. It would just so make my day already! Woot!

More! More!

Like oh.my.god! Puzzle necklaces! You can so totally make it into a couple set. Unique and funky too. Now where else would you find a piece like that? *giggles* I love seeing all these yummy goodies!!!

There are more over at the webbie. Go check it out!

Btw, if you didn’t notice, they custom make items to the design you want! Ever saw a piece that you couldn’t get a hold on because you were a second too late? Why not name your design and add on a personal touch to it? Have it custom made with love especially just for you!!! Like, so totally
, ain’t it??

Wanna see some more of these by other owners?

Head over to the Bijou Bazaar at the end of this month and have a blast there! You’ll be bombarded with so much you wouldn’t realised time flies. Plus, it’s a two day bazaar! Go let your hair down and have fun on BOTH DAYS!!!


Your sister in shopping

I just stumbled across yet another e-shop! Woot!

SPOTTED: Unickdotz

Look! Look! Bargains are offered here. See this?

1 piece going for RM 16.00, 2 for RM 29.00 only!! Woot! Now if you don’t want like so many of the same piece, get a friend to buy with you and you’ll both save on some moolah! And this is a bargain too!

With ’em ruffles and such, sure makes one look good, no? Plus, you can even wear it off shoulder too! Like, so sexy and the “IN” thing now, no? *giggles* 1 going for RM 26.00, 2 pieces for only RM 49.00!!! Woot! Now are those bargains, or what? *giggles* I know! Fab, ain’t it?

Go on over and check out more yourself!

Or maybe I stumbled on two e-shops?

SPOTTED: Girls Bazaar

This so reminds me of Blair Waldrof, no? Must be ’em puffy sleeves that’s why *giggles* Looking good with a waist cincher and skinny jeans! Oh my! Like, fab is so the word for it, no? Plus the waist cincher is for sale too! I love it when they sell the whole (well, nearly) outfit!

And if you didn’t get one already, here’s one for you

More clutches baby! But limited in stock. There’s only one of each! (Btw, though it looks exactly the same, one is in brown the other is in black) So get your before you miss out on it! Head over there, like, now!!

Toodles for tonight!

Oh wait! I forgot to mention Piece de’ Mode is updating tomorrow!!! Don’t forget! *winks* I warned ya!


Your sister in shopping